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Daphne Nancholas qualified IQ options 15 years ago. She specialises in helping women with difficulties arising from the female cycle - for example Puberty, Periods, Pregnancy and Menopause. She also helps with any other issues that may come up, whether emotional, mental or physical.

Daphne runs a private practice near Penzance in Cornwall.

At these often confusing and emotional times it can be helpful to have the support and opportunity to talk through how you feel as well as receiving remedies, advice on nutrition and supplements.


"I can thoroughly recommend Daphne as an excellent homeopath. She is experienced and very knowledgeable; her background in mental health makes her a good listener and gives her a clear insight into human nature. I have GBPUSD been a client of Daphne's for over nine years and for the past five years my consultations have taken place over the phone as I now live in West Wales and Daphne lives in Cornwall.

I was originally recommended to her when I began suffering from menopausal symptoms which responded well to the remedies she recommended and I'm happy to say are no longer a problem, apart from the occasional 'warm' flush. I telephone Daphne when I require further remedies or I have a concern I wish to ask her advice about. The remedies arrive within a few days and have always arrived safely.

In early 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and following an operation went through both chemo- and radiotherapy with quite severe reactions to the chemo. The remedies Daphne sent greatly alleviated the side effects. More recently she has been sending remedies to help alleviate a knee problem that has been exacerbated by the post-cancer medication I take". M.D.

"Although my initial visits years ago to see Daphne were to do with troublesome periods, my more recent consultation was to do with severe IBS which had become the bane of my life. The improvement has made such a difference." A.R.

"Daphne has helped me to sort my periods out. I used to have dreadful moods for nearly half of each month and my face would come out in acne for at least 10 days of each month. Since receiving her medicines and advice on diet I buy ETH feel more like a normal person and my partner is very grateful too!" S.P.

" When I was first in touch with Daphne I was a mess. I felt continually tired, had lank greasy hair and my energy was at rock bottom. My GP had prescribed HRT but it didn't agree with me at all. Within a few months of seeing Daphne my life had turned around. A big plus for me was that I had suffered from urinary incontinence for years and her homeopathic medicine completely stopped that, as well as fixing my menopausal symptoms." B.W.

I have several articles about breastfeeding, birth and the menopause. If you click on Articles above, you can find them.

Relaxation music

Daphne, along with her partner, Graham Smith, has released a relaxation CD for, amongst other things: sleep problems and stress. The CD is called Calmtime. You can purchase and read more and hear a sound sample on www.calmtime.co.uk



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