Daphne Nancholas

I was born and brought up in St. Agnes on the north coast of Cornwall. I left there at eighteen and lived in different places in the UK and abroad. During that time I did a variety of things, including psychiatric nursing and professional singing.

In the 1990s I trained to be a homeopath at the London College of Classical Homeopathy and then at Purton House College in Bucks. I suppose you could say that homeopathy, like music, is a passion in my life. I first became aware of the existence of anything ‘alternative’ medicinally after becoming ill myself. The side effects from the drugs I was prescribed led me to become interested in acupuncture, chinese herbs, naturopathy and homeopathy. Homeopathy personally appealed because it looks at a person’s emotional state as well as any physical problems.

After graduating and practising, my partner Graham and I moved to Bristol and from 1996 – 2004 I ran a practice specialising in the female cycle – from puberty right through to menopause. At the end of 2004 Graham and I moved to Cornwall - a big move, after so long away. We are living near Penzance, a very beautiful part of the world with our dog Jago.

Since moving back to Cornwall I have helped many women with a variety of issues, whether physical or emotional. This has been initially in person and follow-ups through e-mails and phone calls. The first session which takes about an hour and a half costs £40 and the follow-ups are £25.

Graham and I performed and recorded music together for many years and at the end of 2004 we finished a relaxation CD for helping people with sleep problems, stress and pain relief, called Calmtime.
You can see more about the CD on www.calmtime.co.uk.

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