Complementary Healthcare Information Service
Good directory on alternative and complementary medicine

Homeopathic help pages
A good introduction to homeopathy
An excellent international homeopathic online forum. Includes clinical case, drug provings, scientific research, book reviews and homeopathic software.

Calmtime, Relaxation Music for relieving Stress
Relaxation CD. Soothing relaxation music written especially to help relieve stress, pain relief and insomnia. Give the gift of peace.

Minerva Books
Online shop which stocks a wide range of books for the homeopathic profession and its students.
Ian runs homeopathy and personal development seminars and is the author of many excellent books and articles.

Menopause and Hormonal Change
aims to advise on the menopause providing information on health, supplements, nutrition and well-being related to the menopause
the Lifeline charity helps victims of child abuse, domestic violence and incest

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