Can often be a confusing time for teenagers with hormonal changes happening for the first time. Alongside the right remedy, having someone to talk over any anxieties can be a great help,
whether it is causing problems at school or at home.

For some people periods are merely an inconvenience yet for others the emotional and/or physical distress can be great. Some women have PMT (pre-menstrual tension) symptoms from mid-cycle
until their period starts, whilst others have to take time off work due to extreme tiredness
and/or severe stomach cramps.

There can be anxiety and fear with a pregnancy, especially the first one. Homeopathy can help during various stages of emotional and physical discomfort, including helpful remedies for the birth itself.

This is the ending of a cycle and the chance for a new beginning. For some women (often with children leaving home at this time) it can be as confusing as puberty to have hormonal changes happening that can seem out of your control and can create a sense of isolation. With the help and support of homeopathy and herbs, advice on supplements and a chance to talk things over, menopause can in fact become an empowering time of change.

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