Taking Off

Helpful handbook for practitioners

‘Taking Off’ is a helpful handbook for newly qualified homeopathic practitioners and for all those who are interested in continually improving their practice. The book is called Taking Off and is priced at £9.99 plus postage and packing.

I felt the need to write about my first year of practice because it came as such a shock, after the cushioned certainties of college, to be out there alone in the real world. On talking to other newly qualified homeopaths I learned that we all suffered in much the same way. I hope that this book will offer some comfort to newly qualified practitioners, helping you to get through your first years, because it gets better after that – honest!

“Daphne has managed in this book to describe in detail many of the positive and concrete steps that can be taken to let go of that which is no longer needed and to acquire that which is truly essential. Anyone who follows the guidance laid out in these pages and, most importantly, acts on the suggestions Daphne makes, will increase their chances of building a successful practice many times over.”

by Ian Watson -International teacher and writer on homeopathy and director of Lakeland College, UK.

"This is a helpful book for new practitioners and its aim is to guide young homeopaths about the problems they will face once they are on their own and the solutions that can be found for those teething troubles. The author addresses the issue of conflicts in theory and practice and the dilemma faced by young homeopaths when they find that certain things they were taught in school do not work in practice. These internal conflicts have been dealt with beautifully. This book will prove to be a helpful guide in taking homeopathy from theory to practice, especially for young homeopaths in the UK"

by Dr. Manish Bhatia - Leading authority on homeopathy, teacher and director of hpathy.com

To order your copy or to contact Daphne by e-mail: info@daphnehomeopath.co.uk

You can also order Taking Off from www.minervabooks.co.uk/

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